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Since the dawn of audio, movies and video, professionals have struggled to find a way to demonstrate their work. At some point in history, the idea emerged to assemble clips representing the best of one's work, and it was referred to as the "demo reel" - or simply "the reel" - because it was a collection of spliced tape on a film or tape reel.

In the age of multimedia, it is relatively easy to access links to cloud-posted work, but it's harder to organize access to the wide variety of resources that can be created - ranging from print to video to scripts that actually produce only an ephemeral experience.

I have resolved this problem by assembling a variety of links that connect to some of my work from a central location. It may seem ironic that the whole idea of a "reel" boils down to a text document filled with links. But - without irony - many of us would be out of work altogether. Contact me at

And don't miss one of my new inventions - the nano-resume - below, at the bottom of this page. For those who think their career might be too long and boring for the modern reader, this version of a complete resume is all compressed into a business card. Some assembly required.

The Reel
(selections current as of 5/1/2014)

GroundWork group IT Innovation candidate profiles
In the fall of 2013 I was contracted by the GroundWork group to produce 10 short profiles of Columbus area non-profits nominated for their annual IT awards. Here are 3 samples of those video profiles:

- The Furniture Bank of Columbus OH
- The Dublin (OH) Arts Council
- Catholic Social Service of Central OH

The Talk Emerges: Two Speakers' Journeys to the TEDx Stage
- The video "The Talk Emerges" is a documentary that follows two speakers at the 2012 TEDxColumbus event, and shows how hard they worked to create the "talk of their lives" within the strict guidelines of the TED rules, from concept to final delivery and beyond. Jan Allen is a local Columbus OH speaker, author, life coach and consultant whose talk dealt with the "third 1/3" of life, what people can do toward the needs of their careers and into retirement. Naomi Stanford is an international consultant at the local architectural and design firm NBBJ. Her work focuses on organizational development and change. Her talk focused on the future of work. Curator Ruth Milligan (of TEDx Columbus) appears in the video hosting the event and highlighting coaching during the talk preparations. Milligan provided key support for the documentary project. (71 mins; 8/12 - 10/12.)

Columbus Underground
- Blues in the Garden - story of a performance - a feature showing the evolution of an idea to a performance at the Garden Theater (15:58). (April 2012)
- Circuitry Room - profile of a local avant garde, electronic music group, performing at The Fuse Factory's Frequency Friday monthly concert on May 4, 2012 (May 2012)

Eileen Howard
- Promotional Video for Performance - a short promotional video for a Columbus performer and her concert at the Short North Stage in Columbus (3:17). (April 2012)

The Fuse Factory
- Promotional Video for Kickstarter Campaign - a short experience to highlight the hi-tech, fun and fast-paced nature of the circuit-bending activity (1:36). Still images collected from a variety of sources. (Feb 2012)

Corporate Web Content
- Ahola Corporation - an accounting services firm in NE Ohio created brief narratives to highlight their knowledge and services (2:23). This brief segment is one of nearly a dozen planned. Created logo and interstitial effects, shot and edited video (staged, directed by 3rd party). (Feb 2012)
- Kensington Wealth Partners - a financial advisor in central Ohio in the first of a series to demonstrate and describe key services offered. Created logo and interstitial effects, shot and edited video. (August 2012)

The GroundWork group
- Unverferth House Profile - pilot for a proposed series of brief profiles of non-profit organizations in Central Ohio (2:37). Could be the first of dozens of such assets for the community. Created logo effect, shot and edited video.(Oct 2011)

The Fuse Factory
- Frequency Friday promo - profile of guest performer, Doctah X (Feb 2012) (4:08)
- Ignition 4.0 promotional video for annual art/tech exhibition. Created graphics from their logo, effects, composited music, shot and edited interviews (8 mins)
- Frequency Friday performance overview - Show in March 2011 (8 mins)

- Interview with guest speaker Michael Glimcher- created logo effect, composited music (6 mins)
- Platform Lab - intro by Director Steve Gruetter (1 min)

Resort Gems - a sales/tutorial video to explain the service and encourage vacationers to search the site (1:20)

Audio - Christmas reading - Specially produced reading of "The Night Before Christmas" with original additonal text, sound fx, used as audio Christmas card.

PR Promotions LLC - "gallery" video of ideas and options, "We specialize in Brand / Message Visibility" through effective design and 3D messaging

Practical Video Studios - the "Benjamin Minute" promotion, offer to do a complete 60-second video for $100; examples of work done for clients.

Life on Video Examiner - Columbus is a national news web site with local editions. The "experiments" described below were created to demonstrate the value of video features (not just incidental footage) as part of a multimedia news site. My charter is broad and the frequency of contribution is increasing. The link goes to the top of my contributions.

“Examine this ...” experiment
Working on a research project with a colleague, the idea was to use the lowest tech camera and editing tools to enable non-video editors to post video content to the web.  All shoots were done with unaided iPod Nano, edited in iMovie.  Goal was to create finished video within an hour (after shooting and uploading).  Many lessons learned,  sample results below:
        CJO -
        Eileen -
        Arnett -

ORTEC (Office of Research, Training, Education & Communications, OSU)
- Profiles in Research - 25 interviews shot, 12 published. The premise was a conversation with distinguished research scientists working at the OSU campus.

Dorkbot Columbus - web site and blog (no longer maintained, but still accessible) (Dorkbot is an international group exploring art and technology, I have most recently assisted with the organization of the Fuse Factory to pursue similar goals – -

Enterprise Ohio Network – Cloud Computing Seminar (notes) – last presented in 2008 but easily updatable -

We Are IT – Joint program with Ohio Dept of Education – to persuade teenage girls to pursue education leading to careers in IT.  Produced 4 videos of women IT professionals discussing their careers and backgrounds.  Two of the videos are currently available on YouTube: We Are IT: The Dispatch Co., and We Are IT: Mt. Carmel Hospital. The other two can be made available on request: We Are IT: Blackwell Consulting, and We Are IT: The Event (comments from organizers of the statewide events).
            - Also produced original web site (now redesigned) -

Ohio Computing Unlimited – Statewide consortium to promote a certificate for basic computing skills -
            Ohio IT Clearinghouse Web site - 
            Ohio IT Clearinghouse blog -  (no longer live)
            Podcast – Why is Prof. William Armstrong of OSU such a visionary? -        

Ohio Learning Network
- Conducted series of live online conference events using eLuminate
- Built state-wide network of community colleges (and some high schools) to offer certification program (ICDL)
- Also coordinated other certification programs - including Web promotion (site no longer available) for IT certifications, served on State IT curriculum development advisory group
- Promotional video for ICDL -  (Self-produced & edited including filming self with a remote and music – Ohio State Fair presentation)
Promotional audio “postcard” for OLN event, distributed via email -

CompuServe / AOL
- Innovated a number of multimedia productions, including combining video, audio and interactive Forum discussion and chat (~1998-99) – most significant was the 1999 Oscar ceremonies around which we created an interface combining Roger Ebert’s reaction to the red carpet interviews, a video feed of the interviews, and interaction with CompuServe Forum members.
- Produced the first (?) online, interactive “radio” talk show, in a program called Stein Online with Eliot Stein for almost two years (1998-99). Talk show programming with authors, celebrities and other guest occurred four nights per week, and combined the audio with interaction from members of CompuServe forums in real time. We also produced commercials promoting other CompuServe services, that “sponsored” the show.

- Served as client liaison with the agency producing televisoion ads for CompuServe - provided insights into the site operations, solved technical problems for the agency, facilitated on-location production in sites on both east- and west-coasts.
- Led project to convert CompuServe Forums from proprietary format to Web-accessible HTML, and supported Forum operators adding multimedia and other activities to their established formats.

- Led initiative among international family of AOL affiliates to re-design and re-launch modernized AOL discussion boards and interactive communications

Other interests:
- Graphics, including restoration of old and damaged graphics, new software tools  (including Xara Extreme, and old software with new uses (including iMovie, iPhoto)
- Proficient in both Mac and PC (both share my home desktop)
- Communication and electronic publishing ranging from online industry news - thanks to my CompuServe/AOL background - to e-publishing for new devices e.g., Kindle, mobile phones, etc.

Nano-resume - Rich Bowers
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